Frequently asked questions

Frequently-asked questions

  • "How much does stained-glass cost ?"

    The price of a stained-glass panel depends on numerous factors, including its size, the complexity of its design, the type of glass employed, the treatments applied (paint, etching...) In other words, the cost must be calculated individually for each panel. However, a typical range of prices would be from 700 to 2000 Euros per square metre.

  • "Does stained-glass darken rooms ?"

    Yes, if you choose glass in the style of the 13th century ! Otherwise, a modern panel will always give the impression of brightening a room.

  • "How long does stained-glass last ?"

    Accidents excepted, traditional leaded-glass lasts about a century between releadings...

  • "Will the paint fade with time ?"

    Stained-glass paint is composed of powdered glass, which, once heated to 650°C, is attached permanently to it's glass support. The windows of the gothic cathedrals of Europe are proof of the extaordinary durability of glass paint !

  • "If I move house, can I take my stained-glass with me ?"

    It is often possible to remove a stained-glass panel and adapt it to another opening. However, if you are a nomad at heart, stained-glass designed for transportability would be the best option : stand-alone panels, light boxes, removeable frames etc...

  • "When should an antique panel be restored ?"

    With time, the putty hardens, and the leads crack at the edges of the solder joints. The panel then begins to sag, and risks losing pieces of glass. Of course, it is preferable to intervene before this happens.

  • "Is the lead of stained-glass panels dangerous ? "

    Lead is a wonderful material which happens to be toxic, which is why it is no longer used for water-pipes. However, if you refrain from licking your leaded-glass, it presents absolutely no risk whatsoever.

  • "Do you stain your own glass ?"

    In general, stained-glass artists buy glass which is already coloured. Exceptionally, they change the colour locally using enamels or silver-stain (the origin of the term "stained" glass.)

  • "Do you know of a good glassman in Holland ?"

    No, I don't know of a good glassman in Holland, I only know the BEST glassman in Holland, Henk van Kooy, Aelbrechtskolk 6, Delfshaven Rotterdam. If you are lucky enough to visit him, tell him I sent you !

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