What stained glass brings you...

In an age of ever-increasing uniformity of building materials and techniques, stained-glass is ideal for personalising a home or other building. It makes a living space totally unique.

Coloured glass transforms daily life ; furthermore, the use of genuine mouth-blown antique glass adds nobility and refinement to any environment.

Our studio

Implanted in Fécamp, on the coast of Normandy, in France, since 1998, the studio "In Vitraux" offers you its expertise in the creation and restoration of stained-glass in all techniques.

Working with quality materials and traditional methods, we strive to meet all your requirements in terms of cost and delays. Don't hesitate to ask for an estimation...

In Vitraux, 95 rue des Prés 76400 Fécamp, France ~ Tél : 07 61 00 28 38